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California — #StudentStrike4Climate September 20, 2019

California — Striking Students Demand Zero-Combustion Economy By 2030

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Organic Gardener (Sydney) — Bee Medicines From Ancient Rainforests

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Praise for Love! Nature — Australia, Canada, United States

Love! Nature Book Review - Dean Kuipers

Love! Nature Book Review — ABC Organic Gardener magazine

Love! Nature Book Review — Peter Topolewski

Slanted Online (Washington, DC) — America’s Bees, 55 Billion Dead, Feds Drop Survey

Slanted Online (Washington, DC) — Goodnight Fossil Fuels

Slanted Online (Washington, DC) — Eavesdropping On Nature

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Slanted Online (Washington, DC) — Insane Fossil Fuel Ecocide

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Living Ocean (New South Wales) — Polluted Oceans, Dead Dolphins

Slanted Online (Washington, DC) — Polluted Oceans, Dead Dolphins

Slanted Online (Washington, DC) — A Billion Painted Ladies Dancing Across The Sky

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Slanted Online (Washington, DC) — Secrets of Bees and Flowers

Slanted Online (Washington, DC) — The Peaceful Rebellion

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Slanted Online (Washington, DC) — Western Monarchs 99.4% Vanished

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Slanted Online (Washington, DC) — Sonic Cannons Shatter Famed Aussie Whale Nursery

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San Francisco — Praise for The Insatiable Bark Beetle


Australian Broadcasting Corporation (Melbourne) — Reese Halter Overnights

Australian Broadcasting Corporation (Sydney) —Reese Halter Organic Gardener

Love! Nature Book Review

Love! Nature Book Review

Organic Gardener ABC (Sydney) — Mushrooms as Bee Saviours

ABC Overnight’s (Melbourne) — Where Would We Be Without Pollinators?

ABC Overnights (Melbourne) — Viewing Those Marine Wonders

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Slanted Online (Washington, DC) -- Fisheries Massacring Sea Turtles, Extinction

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State of the Planet (Cochin, India) —2018 Report

LA Times (Los Angeles) — Insatiable Bark Beetle Book Review


Huffington Post (New York) -- Firefighting at Christmas in California

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Jane Velez-Mitchell (Los Angeles) -- #LunchBreakLive

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Huffington Post (New York) -- The Humble Honeybee

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Malibu Times (California) -- Despicable Act Of Hatred Against Nature

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Saving Honeybees -- Backyard Tips

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Huffington Post (New York) -- Perth's Highway Destroys Belliar Wetlands

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Huffington Post (New York) -- Protect Tarkine's Ancient Frankland River Forests

Huffington Post (New York) -- Heatwaves: Australia to the North Pole

Huffington Post (New York) -- An Overheated, Collapsing Earth

EcoWatch: Brutal Heat Waves Crush Eastern Australia

EcoWatch: 70,000 New York City Birds Sacrificed for Air Travel

EcoWatch: 8 Men Account for Half the World's Wealth

EcoWatch: San Francisco Receives More Rain in First Eight Days of January Than All of 2013

Huffington Post (New York) -- Mass Death Signal Ocean Sickness


Huffington Post (New York) -- Enormous Enviro Win Down Under

Huffington Post (New York) -- BP Risks Whales And Our World

Organic Gardener (Sydney) -- Fighting For Our Forests

Huffington Post (New York) -- Sea Shepherd Protects Beloved Antarctric Whales

Huffington Post (New York) -- Fighting For Tasmania's Forests

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ABC (Melbourne) -- The Supremoon And Other Moon Stories

Huffington Post (New York) -- Ominous Dead Forests

Huffington Post (New York) -- A Million Feet March Against The Sixth Great Extinction

Huffington Post (New York) -- Goodness Will Prevail

Vidal Speaks (Los Angeles) -- Helping Our Planet

Vidal Speaks (Los Angeles) -- Deadly Ocean Pollution

Huffington Post (New York) -- Manatees Suffer Brutal Year

Huffington Post (New York) -- College Kids Heading To Standing Rock

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ABC (Melbourne) Overnights -- Springtime Activities

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Malibu Times (California) -- Amazon Rainforest Third Major Drought 11 Years

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Huffington Post (New York) -- Unprecedented Ocean Extinction

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Malibu Times (California) -- The Power of Grit

Malibu Times (California) -- Deadly Heat Waves Rising

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ABC (Melbourne) Overnights -- Roadside Trees

Malibu Times (California) -- Zika Mosquitoes, Climate in Crisis

Malibu Times (California) -- Save the Bees, Save our Planet

Malibu Times (California) -- Nature Collapsing on Land & Under the Sea

ABC (Sydney) The Science Show - 44% of US Bees Die In One Year

RT America (Washington, DC) -- What We Do To The Arctic, We Do To Ourselves

Malibu Times (California) -- Luoisiana Flooding and California Firestorms, Climate in Crisis

Malibu Times (California) -- Pacific Tunas Doomed

Malibu Times (California) -- Love is the Solution

ABC (Melbourne) Overnights -- Plastic Free July

Malibu Times (California) -- Nature Collpasing On Land & Under The Sea

Malibu Times (California) -- Stop Killing Sharks Western Australia

Malibu Times (California) -- Earth's 12-Month Heat Streak

Malibu Times (California) -- Cosmetics and Shark Squalene

Malibu Times (California) -- Neonics and Building Products: A Lethal Cocktail

Malibu Times (California) -- Sniffing, Glowing Sharks

Malibu Times (California)  -- End Animal Captivity

Malibu Times (California) -- New York City Zero Waste by 2030

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Malibu Times (California) -- Thirty-Three Lions Rescued From Vile Circuses

Malibu Times (California) -- What We Do To The Arctic, We Do To Ourselves

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Malibu Times (California) -- #Take3ForTheSea

Malibu Times (California) -- Earth Has Pneumonia

ABC (Melbourne) Overnights -- Honey & Bees

Malibu Times (California) -- Magical First Kiss

Malibu Times (California) -- Dogs Saving Nature

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Malibu Times (California) -- Just a Dog

Malibu Times (Califonia) -- Aussie Headbangers, Blue Banded Bees

Malibu Times (Califonia) -- Protect The Great Australian Bight from Drilling

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Malibu Times (California) -- Inspiring 2015 Environmental Stories

ABC (Melbourne) Overnights -- Plastics in the Oceans

Malibu Times (California) -- Clever Crows Worthy of Admiration

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